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fly on Friday- Sakurai Sho

Ohno’ solo- two

Baby I’m ready for your solo <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Baby I’m ready for your solo <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Things that Nino likes about Ohno
Nino : I like the way when his voice is getting softer and softer as he’s talking
FukuArashi 2012


Koyama Keiichiro will be a guest in “VS Arashi 2013 SP” on January 3rd (FujiTV/18:00-21:00)


12/1 Arashi Popcorn tour-Sapporo

Last night “MAD” text Ohno kun saying they have something to give him, so they gave him birthday present and Ohno kun invited them to have drink with him - For about 2 hours.
"MAD" asked Ohno kun to take them fishing someday so Ohno promised them, they’ll go together once they return to Tokyo, if he has free time.

MatsuJun returned from having sushi, he met Tsu kun, Sho chan and Ryusei at corridor, so Tsu kun asked MatsuJun to go out drinking with them. MatsuJun said, “There’s another person you can take to drink other than me!” and took the boys to his room first, to watch last night’s VTR. Then he went to Ohno’s room to take the other boys to bother Kazunari’s room.

So, all of them (MatsuJun, Kazunari, Yuya, Kouta, Ike chan, Tsu kun, Sho chan and Ryusei) went to play intro quiz at Kazunari’s room until 3 am and the winner was MatsuJun.

Sho chan’s hair is black today~ and he looks like Conan, they said… (^^; Black, Sho? Avoid unpleasant thing please!

During MC, Arashi talked about X’mas present Jr. gave them last year but Aiba and Ohno can’t recall about their presents.So Taiga, Ryusei and Kouta scolded them.
Kouta scolded Aiba for not remembering his present, so Aiba said “This boy! I took him to eat yakiniku before!! How dare you do this to me after eating a lot of expensive meat!?” lol

Full report can be found at:http://mix-madmade.livejournal.com/

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Ohno Satoshi’s laugh from:

- AD 100108, AD 100111, AD 100129, AD 121018, 5x10 concert, AD 100203 (talk about Troublemaker)

24 Hour Television Charity Shirt 35th 2012 “Mirai” sold the most number of shirts (764,198) in the history of 24 Hour Television.

 35th 2012 “Mirai” is ranked 3rd with 1,168,471,704 yen through the years of donation

Fans who went to Keikarou today heard from Aiba’s mom that Aiba’s not feeling well and had high fever. (39degree)
She said luckily the members helped her to take care of Aiba during his fever.

source: twitter and arashi_daisuki@fb

Aiba-chan please take rest!!!!