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1) Oh-chan was fishing on Ohno-Maru near the Osaka train station while fans were heading to the dome. Nobody noticed but he was really happy he caught a fish.

2) Aiba’s cooking segment - Oh-chan picked up a piece of cabbage with both hands and started chewing on it like a rabbit. Sho sees it and…

Things that Nino likes about Ohno
Nino : I like the way when his voice is getting softer and softer as he’s talking
FukuArashi 2012



12/1 Arashi Popcorn tour-Sapporo

Last night “MAD” text Ohno kun saying they have something to give him, so they gave him birthday present and Ohno kun invited them to have drink with him - For about 2 hours.
"MAD" asked Ohno kun to take them fishing someday so Ohno promised them, they’ll go together once they return to Tokyo, if he has free time.

MatsuJun returned from having sushi, he met Tsu kun, Sho chan and Ryusei at corridor, so Tsu kun asked MatsuJun to go out drinking with them. MatsuJun said, “There’s another person you can take to drink other than me!” and took the boys to his room first, to watch last night’s VTR. Then he went to Ohno’s room to take the other boys to bother Kazunari’s room.

So, all of them (MatsuJun, Kazunari, Yuya, Kouta, Ike chan, Tsu kun, Sho chan and Ryusei) went to play intro quiz at Kazunari’s room until 3 am and the winner was MatsuJun.

Sho chan’s hair is black today~ and he looks like Conan, they said… (^^; Black, Sho? Avoid unpleasant thing please!

During MC, Arashi talked about X’mas present Jr. gave them last year but Aiba and Ohno can’t recall about their presents.So Taiga, Ryusei and Kouta scolded them.
Kouta scolded Aiba for not remembering his present, so Aiba said “This boy! I took him to eat yakiniku before!! How dare you do this to me after eating a lot of expensive meat!?” lol

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24 Hour Television Charity Shirt 35th 2012 “Mirai” sold the most number of shirts (764,198) in the history of 24 Hour Television.

 35th 2012 “Mirai” is ranked 3rd with 1,168,471,704 yen through the years of donation

Arashi might be this year’s Kohaku music special hosts

Arashi might be picked up to be NHK’s New Year’s Eve music special hosts for the third time, reports Tokyo Sports on September 7.

It has been reported NHK producers are beginning to look for potential hosts for Kohaku Uta Gassen’s red (akagumi) female artist team, and white (shirogumi) male artist team.

“A production team for the show has been finalised, and now they’ve begun discussions about what to do this year.  At this rate, Arashi will probably be asked to be the shirogumi hosts for the third straight year,” said one source from NHK.

Although no one can definitely say this will happen, there is no denying the fact the group attracted TV ratings of over 40% in their past two Kohaku shows.

It has beee reported the most likely candidate for the women’s akagumi host this year will be actress Maki Horikita, who has been playing the main character in NHK’s popular drama 梅ちゃん先生 (Ume-chan Sensei).


La Tormenta-2004

20120803 ZIP! 6時50 24時間テレビ新CM

They are so cute, OMG <3

To Be Ohno’s Girlfriend

"Know the points of fishing!"
With leader rather than enforcing things to no end, it’s best to approach him naturally.  While he is calm normally, I think once his tension goes up Leader will bring up things first. Uh huh, I believe he’ll like it if you give him pointers on fishing, so I think it’ll be good if you look up pointers on fishing for when Leader talks to you first. That and Leader was originally in the badminton club, not long ago he said he really wanted to play badminton. Do you want to start off by practicing badminton?

"To bear with a silent atmosphere!"
To be completely honest, this person has a lot of mysteries to him. It’s to the point that I myself would like to try him out [attack] (bitter laugh). Since typically there are a lot of times where Leader is just sitting there doing nothing, so wouldn’t it go well with someone that can be with him and not think of that [silent] time as boring? When the silence can be continued together, but to think that one feels good about that atmosphere, that person gets high marks. And then to talk coincidentally about fishing which he really likes, how would that be?

"To understand the aspect of artistic activity!"
I think Leader has the most fun when he’s playing with clay or drawing. In real life he spends the most time diong artistic things, wouldn’t a person that can match that be best? Even though I say that, I don’t think it’s necessary for that person to also mold clay. Since Leader is real when he’s molding clay, he like goes into a world of his own. So don’t think of the time he molds clay as painful, but I think it would be best if you first come to understand the world of artistic activity.

"Positively appeal to him!"
In Ohno kun’s case, when he has time he immediately goes into molding clay or drawing. So if you leave him be, there’s a chance he’ll forget about the other person. It’s good to make positive advances whenever possible. Like, “do you want to do that” or “want to try this out?” This is for the girl to appeal positively, there’s a feeling that it’ll really pull him in. The only thing is, if you over do this he’ll dislike it, so it’s necessary one is very much aware of how much to push and pull.

Ohno Satoshi personally likes this type of girl!

"Someone that also has the same enjoyments as me!"
There’s no requirement like “THIS!” but if possible I think it would be best if it was someone that wasn’t so detailed about various things. Since I myself am so general (laughs). If you think about it that way, I think someone that has the same enjoyments would be best. I’ll be happy if she’ll date me and not dislike my idiotic actions. And if she likes fishing and likes to bbq then I think we can have an even better time.

And how to be Nino’s girlfriend in Ohno’s way:

"Reject touching once in awhile!"
It’s perfect to get closer to him through games. Even if you’re bad, he’ll properly teach you. He teaches you well, so on the flip side if you’re a bit bad and learn that may be a way to get closer too. Although all he does is role playing (bitter laugh). That, and he likes skinship. But still, disliking that skinship once in awhile may be effective. If you always accept it it’ll just become a normality. Since I also go about the rejecting once in awhile (laughs).

I love love love this answer!!! Ohmiya what you do to me <3 <3

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First Graders’ Cute Ranking

Cute ranking:

1. Ashida Mana

2. Suzuki Fuku

3. Honda Miyu

4. Asada Mao

5. Ohno Satoshi

(Comments towards Ohno: “Ohno-kun is cute! Super cute!”)

'Not Cute' Ranking:
1. Matsuko Deluxe

2. Nakai Masahiro

3. Wada Akiko

4. Sakurai Sho

5. Mitsuura Yasuko

(Comments towards Sakurai: “He eats too much.”)

credit translation to http://mitsunoaji.livejournal.com

Poor Sho-kun, but I also think he’s considered handsome rather than cute. And after watching him so skinny in BlackBoard I rather want him to eat more >.<

Lol Ohchan is in the same list with children <3